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Terms and Conditions

In the current Rental Agreement, First party refers as Drigo India Cars pvt. ltd. proprietor of the rental company DRIGO TRAVELS (hereinafter referred to as the Company),second party refers to the customer who is hiring car for the date range above mentioned.
Definitions, Substance of the Agreement and Object of Regulation
  1. The following abbreviations and definitions are used hereinafter in the Agreement:
    • The Terms and Conditions: the present standard terms or conditions of rent of the Vehicle which are the basis for rent and use of the Vehicle
    • The Car Hire Company: the company stated on the front page of the Agreement
    • The Car owner: the person stated on the front page of the Agreement, who Provided the Vehicle for use from the Car Hire Company according to the present Agreement
    • The Agreement: the rental agreement concluded between the Car Hire Company and the Car owner, which consists of the present Terms and Conditions and the special terms and conditions stated on the front page.
    • The Vehicle: the Vehicle stated on the front page of the Agreement, the right of use of which belongs to the Car Hire Company, and which the Car Hire Company provided by the Car owner for use according to the Agreement.
    • The Customer: the person who wants to hire the car as per the present terms and conditions.
  2. The present Terms and Conditions establish the rights and obligations of the Car owner during use of the Vehicle. The Car owner is aware that the right of use of the Vehicle belongs to the Car Hire Company during the period, The Car Hire Company allows the Customer to use the Vehicle in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions.
  3. The Car Hire Company makes the present Terms and Conditions available to the the customer before delivery of vehicle. By signature of the Agreement, the customer confirms that the customer has read and understood the present Terms and Conditions, and that the Customer undertakes to comply with them.
Conditions of Use of the Vehicle
  1. According to the Agreement, only the persons who were verified by the Car Hire Company as additional drivers are allowed to drive the vehicle. The Customer as the driver stated in the Agreement must possess a driver's license valid in the High court of Jharkhand
    • Who does not comply with the requirements established by the Car Hire Company or by the law regarding validity of the driver’s license, age of the person and/or other possible restrictions.
    • who is under influence of alcoholic, narcotic or other substances, which impede consciousness and delay reaction ("state of intoxication”), or who is too tired, or whose health condition does not correspond to the requirements arising from the law.
  2. The Customer is responsible for prudent use and careful driving of the Vehicle, and he or she undertakes to use the Vehicle only according to its designated purposes. The Car Hire Company reserves the right to cancel the deal into its direct possession at any time, if the Customer does not perform the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement.
  3. In case of any small or minor damages up-to ₹10000 happened to the vehicle will be repaired or paid by the customer and in case of any big accident or a large damage it will be either paid by the insurance company and Claim settlement charge must be paid by the customer in case of insurance claim.
  4. It is forbidden to use the Vehicle:
    • for transport of more people than permitted in the registration certificate or technical specification of the Vehicle
    • for transport of a load that is heavier than permitted in the registration certificate or technical specification of the Vehicle
    • . for pushing or towing other vehicles (including trailers) or other objects
    • for driving in off-road conditions or on roads that are not designated for the Vehicle
    • for transport of items that have not been properly attached and fixed
    • for transport of items, transport of which damages the Vehicle of the interior of the Vehicle, or makes it impossible to immediately provide the Vehicle for rent again (including, for example, smell, smoke, strong stains, dirty cabin, scratched parts, etc.)
    • for participation in rallies, test drives and competitions
    • in breach of the Traffic Act and other legal instruments in force
    • for actions contrary to the law
    • for sub-providing the car
    • for driving in areas where traffic is prohibited
    • for practice driving
    • for provision of taxi or shared travel services
    • for transport of animals
  5. When concluding the Agreement, the Car Hire company undertakes to inform the Customer the length of his or her travel route. The Vehicle can be used only in the territory of the High court of Jharkhand, if the Agreement does not include a note permitting crossing of the state border. In case of breach of this restriction the Customer is fully liable towards the Car hire company for any damage caused to the Vehicle and/or its parts, and/or damage or injury caused to third persons, including for the costs of return of the Vehicle to.
  6. In the period of booking dully filled in the zoho forms provided by drigo all the legal liabilities of the vehicle is transferred to the customer who is also stated as driver
  7. Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks and other narcotic substances in the Vehicle is prohibited.
  8. The Customer is aware that a GPS search system is installed in the Vehicle, allowing the Car Hire Company, if necessary, to identify location and speed of the Vehicle,
Transfer and Return of the Vehicle
While returning the vehicle to the car hire company the customer should make sure that it is in proper condition, in case of any argument it will be valid for T+2 DAYS
Charges and Terms of Payment
All payment must be cleared before delivering car to the customer.
Fuel and Mileage Limit
Fuel gauge must be indicating same while returning the vehicle to the car company as before accepting the vehicle. This must be ensured by the customer.
Damage, Accidents, Theft and Vandalism
Damages up-to ₹10000 must be beared in cash by customer ,in case of larger accidents,theft of vehicle we will go through insurance claim where settlement charge must be beared by the customer. In case of non coperation with insurance agencies and in case of no claim (whatever will be reason) cuatomer is 100% liable to the damage and he will have to pay full in cash.
Liability of the Car Hire Company
Must insure 100% privacy, full maintained and sanitized car due to high risk of COVID available to the the customer.
Parking and Traffic Fines
Any violation of parking of traffic fine will be beared by the customer and any argument will be valid for T+7 days post returning the vehicle to the car hire company.
Validity of the Terms and Conditions
The present Agreement is regulated by the legislation of high court of Jharkhand ( Ranchi). All disputes arising from the present Agreement are resolved by way of negotiations between the Car Hire Company and the customer. If the Car Hire Company and the customer fail to reach an agreement, the respective dispute is resolved in court according to legal instruments of the High court of Jharkhand India.